It is pretty much impossible to be in two places at once. We know sometimes you just cannot not be at home for a week, month or even a whole year. Enviromow of Lee County LLC is here to watch over your home in the Sanibel Island area during times when you cannot physically be there. We know how important it is to have home watch services provided by someone you can trust like a friend or neighbor. At Enviromow, our services include more than just watching your home, we also inspect it to make sure there are no problems occurring. If there is a problem, we report it directly to you and get professionals to help resolve the problem.

Enviromow are the Professionals You Can Trust With Your Home

Enviromow of Lee County LLC are the professionals you can trust to watch and inspect your home while you are gone. When our team inspects your home in the Sanibel Island area, we check all interior and exterior areas of your house. Once we are done inspecting your home, you will receive a full detailed report about its condition. When needed, we will also schedule appointments for licensed professionals to help with any necessary maintenance and repair work. 

For more information about the home watch services provided by Enviromow of Lee County or to receive a free estimate, call us at (239) 896-6789.


We Will Inspect Your Home for Any Problems and Act as Needed

Whether you are away from you home for business, vacations, personal matters or for other obligations, Enviromow of Lee County LLC is here to assist. We are here to help inspect, run basic errands, schedule repair or maintenance appointments to make being away from home easier on Sanibel Island. We become your advocate while you are away like a trusted neighbor or friend when you need it. We provide our services to residential homes, vacation homes, and rental properties. No matter if you are gone for a few days, weeks or months we will help you identify any problem in the exterior or interior of your home.

• Plumbing Failures

• Burglary

• Check Locks

• Storm Damage

• Vandalism

• Check Refrigerator

• Pest Problems

• Moisture & Mold Issues

• Newspapers & Mail

• Broken Pipes

• Air Conditioning Problems

• Flooding

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